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Colin & I, along with our two daughters Charlotte and Liv spend our time split between living in a little town we have grown to love in SC & packing our bags to head to our next destination in the world with our kids. But how did this all come to be? Good question. 

I (Meg) grew up in a Military family bouncing from one Army base to another for most of my childhood. Through that experience I quickly got a taste of what travel was like and got to see some amazing places at a young age. After graduating college I spent a few years working at a non-profit where I led groups to volunteer alongside various organizations all around the world. From working in orphanages, to schools – I was exposed to all kinds of new cultures and truly fell in love with the people I met along the way. 

Colin was born and raised in Sabah, Malaysia and lived an adventurous childhood where he learned three languages at the same time, swam in rivers on the weekends, and ate lots of chicken rice. At the age of 19 he got an opportunity to study in the US and travelled on his own to start the next chapter of his life stateside. 

In 2014, after previously meeting a few times as friends, Colin and I started dating and we married that same year. Fun fact, we had two weddings! One in the states and one in Malaysia but both felt special in their own ways. In the early years of marriage since we had a shared love for travel but a low budget, we found ways to make frequent trips more affordable. We would spend hours searching for flight deals, eat ramen for any and all meals and even bought a tent so we could sleep under the stars in National Parks. 

My time volunteering in orphanages impacted me deeply and Colin and I decided we wanted to start our family by opening our home through adoption. So after a season of waiting, Charlotte Brave was born! Before she was even one, she was watching the northern lights in Iceland, slurping spaghetti in Rome, taking her first unassisted steps on Safari in the Masai Mara & fell asleep on a camel ride next to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Pretty cool kid. 

Liv joined us in late 2018 and we entered that season of two, 2 and under that well had us slowing down for a bit & that season was followed by 2020 and we all know how that went. Phew. 

Fast forward to Sept 2021 where we were chosen to be a part of the Live Anywhere program with Airbnb and spent the next 10 months traveling the world with our kids! It was during this time where we felt like our passion for travel and family combined with Colin’s decade of photography and videography experience gave us an opportunity to see if we could figure out how to turn this into a business and “get paid to travel”. 

In 2022 we won the Creator Scholarship with World Nomads which launched our career into the next phase. With brand partnerships we could have never imagined and our business income consistently growing, we knew that we were in the right lane and haven’t looked back since. 

What will 2023 hold? Follow along and find out

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