Dear Diary: Nightmares, Pranks, and Funny Travel Stories | Episode #4

In this episode we read your submissions and share some travel nightmares and some hilarious travel stories. From pranks on family members to memorable encounters overseas, you will be sure to laugh and feel better about your own travel mishaps after listening to this episode!

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C: Hello, folks. Welcome. Did you pack snacks? My name’s Colin.

M: And I’m Meg.

C: This is a family travel podcast where we talk all things high, low and the long, long, very long miles in between. And today we got a fun episode for you. It’s going to be so much fun. There’s a reason why we are publishing our episodes on Wednesdays at 5 a.m. for All You Early Birds. It’s available at 5 a.m..

M: Yeah, and it’s the middle of the week. Maybe you’re feeling kind of low and you just need someone to, like, lift you up. Right. Give you a couple chuckles, if you will. Right.

C: Or help you dream of what’s beyond your community and what’s how. Where can you go? What? Working. Travel to get with your kids, though?

M: Yeah, and we’re here to help you do that.

C: Right. I mean, one of these days we’re going to travel without our kids. Yeah. Sometime eventually.

M: Anybody. Anybody want to babysit?

C:They’re six and four. They eat. Great. They might want to sleep with you tonight. So there you have it. Okay.

But today is a fun one. But before we get into all things travel horror stories, we got some good ones, Meghan.

M: Okay, I’m excited.

C: Yeah, We’ve asked the people and they have delivered.

M: I can’t wait. I haven’t read them all intentionally because I want real time response. Okay.

C: And these are stories from around the world, which is so fun. Yeah. And I’ve chuckled a lot.

M: Okay, I can’t wait. Yeah. And so I hope you’re ready for that.

C: But before we get into all that, Megan, how was your week?

M: It was really good. I have an update for those who are listening that I think will be a riveting one. Okay. I finally over the weekend. I’m so curious. I played Pickleball for the very first time.

C: Yes, you did. And guess what? As soon as we got home, she spent 2 hours looking for a pickleball paddle. Oh, my goodness. I was.

M: Okay, so I will be honest. At the very beginning, we were meeting some friends and they were late. Right.

C: And it was their idea to play pickleball, which then spurred you on.

M: Right. Because I they were late.

C: We will not name names, but you know who you are. We forgive you.

M: But because they were late, we started playing just the two of us first and that I did not like it.It felt a lot more like it was a I don’t know, you just were running around a lot more. And as a beginner, trying to hold my side of the court was challenging. I sensed that your spirit was broken. Yeah, I just was like, okay, this is all right. But once they came in, we got to play a proper two on two.

Is that what you call it? You double doubles. I had a lot of fun, right? And we were out there for a few hours and I was like, okay, I get it. This is fun.

C: When we were unloading the car, Meghan goes, Oh, we don’t need sunscreen. Will only be out here for an hour and took everything in me not to say anything because I was like, Oh, just you wait.

Just, you know, take a ball is going to get you. It’s going to get you.

M: No, I definitely think it’s a very much I’m sure there are a lot of technical parts to the game, Right. And that you can work your way up and that you can be like a pro at it. But as an entry level game, it’s like all levels. You know, I had no prior experience, but I even got a few compliments on like my serves as a new player. So I just feel like it’s for everyone and that’s what I like about it. So yay pickleball.

C: Yay pickleball. This is an invitation to all you pickleball players out there. We’re here. We’re ready. Challenge. Just challenge us.

M: Okay. What about you? Did you do anything fun this week? Anything noteworthy?

C: This week was just like a straight on summer living week. Our schedule is upside down. Yeah, and we just. We’ve been doing this, like, passing the kids back and forth kind of thing. And in the afternoons, I guess my new thing is I’m at the local YMCA. At our own waterworks, which is a splash pad. So I’ve, that’s, that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s, that’s what’s new. That’s my new spot.

M: Very summer dad of you.

C: Very summer dad.

Travel News

M: Okay, let’s talk about what’s new in the world of travel. Hit some travel news for us. Colin. What do you got?

C: I think you should start off, its better than mine.

M: Okay. I just thought this is riveting information, you guys. I saw, like, a little video, and then I read an article about a bear that swam to shore in Destin, Florida, which is like, basically where we’re going to be in a couple of weeks. And apparently people saw him way far offshore. Somebody joked that he was just on vacation. And yeah, it just caught a lot of attention. Apparently it’s you know, he just came to shore and then he kind of scurried off. So no one knows how long he was there or where he came from.

C: Well I know where he came from. My answer is very nerdy, though.

M: Oh, Lord.

C: But I’m glad that Bear was there. Okay. This is your travel news.

M: Yeah. I mean, Travel and Leisure wrote an article about it, so it qualifies as travel news. Great. Yeah. What do you have?

C: Well, the reason the bear’s there. Do you want to know? Sure is because Florida is, as has. Has built this corridor for the bear it’s called.And it’s they love longleaf pine trees, which are all over 30A. Okay. So that’s why they’re there.

M: Well, but where did he come from?

C: Oh, from the woods. And he just like I want to know, he came from the ocean. Oh, I see. Yeah. Yeah.

M: You just think it was all leisure sea in my mind. I was like, Did he come from somewhere else?

M: Was he swimming from Mexico?

C: I don’t know. Anyway, that’s what I. I know there’s a lot of, like, those animal sanctuaries in Cancun. It could have. You never. No. Got to ask him. Okay.

M: What do you got for us?

C: Yeah. No bears, but I missed a huge opportunity.

Okay. I was 2 hours late to booking my very first all electric flight. Scandinavian Airlines just announced they were giving away 90 tickets.

M: But electric planes aren’t a thing.

C: I know, but this is in 2028. They’re only flying in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It’s a test. And you can book your seat and you’ll pay a hundred days before the flight is.

M: So it’s more like a reservation.

C: I missed my reservation. But when it because when I got to the website, it was all full. But man all electric flights and this is only we and I know a lot of people are like doing that right now and it’s in the works, right? But Scandinavian Air was just the first to like, Hey, we’re doing this 2028 book your seats.

M: How do you how do you feel about it though?

C: Like, great, okay.

M: I don’t know. It just makes me feel a little anxious. Maybe because that makes a plane feel a lot like a toy because my kids toys are on batteries and not gas. Yeah. So to be on a plane that’s completely, like, gas free.

C: Well, yeah, well, in the fine line, it says, everybody bring an extra pack of double a’s.

M: No, that’s wild though. And to be booking all the way in 2028. Yeah. That’s how many years from now. Five. That’s a lot of like in anticipatory marketing. Like they’re really going to. Right. Get as much out of this as they can.

C: Well, think about it in five years will be on that in on those flights. Yeah what happened five years ago like 2018 that we don’t have now like there were a way, way less electric cars…

M: ..way less wrinkles because we got real stressed out after 2018, right? Yeah, I wasn’t thinking travel specific. This in general, you know, like everyone just got real stressed and well, and you got gray hair in the last two years. Well, a lot of it. Yeah, I know, its been Stressful.

C: So that’s why we got to go on toy planes. Yeah, I guess. Okay. You got anything else?

M: I have another one. Okay. Another thing. New in the world of travel. Okay, is this up and coming podcast? It’s like the number one up and coming podcast for family travel. Um, have you heard? Should go there?

C: Are you talking about Did you pack snacks?

M: I am. How do you know? Oh, I just thought it was a good a good time to just say things for being here.

If you we’d appreciate. Thanks for being here. We appreciate you so much. And we, of course, would love for you to leave a review after you listen and let us know what you love about the podcast and share it with your friends.

C: Yeah, we have 28 reviews right now on Apple Podcasts. And to all you 28, thank you so, so much.

M: We’ve only been here for a week, right?

C: This is the best in reading those reviews. Like it really warmed my heart. Do you want to read a couple short?

M: Sure, Let’s just like, you know, we appreciate them all.

M: Okay. It took me a second, but I found one. Oh, are you ready? So our friend Aria said,

“Literally never left her review for anything before. But these friends are so worth it. Love listening to their podcast and watching their videos and following all things calling and their content is so fun, exciting, and down to earth. I always joke that I’m living vicariously through them, but they also inspire me to want to do more myself and encourage others to believe they can do the same. Even with kids, they’re the best in. Our family loves them. Everyone should follow along.”

C: Pretty sweet. Can I read another one? Okay. Just to thought. Thank you Aria, because this is getting weird, but this is just sweet. But I think, like it speaks to what we want to do with this podcast. Yeah, but KS9217 seven says,

“I’ve never considered myself one to love travel. I get the appeal, but it’s not my thing, so to speak. But this podcast, just one and a half episodes in, has me wanting to take my kids everywhere. Such a fun, pure, happy listen.”

C: Wow. I mean, if we’re not inspiring people to pack their bags, pack their snacks, get on a plane, get on a road trip, What are we doing?

M: Just entertaining. I’m okay with that, too. Sure. But you’re right. If we’re not doing that or making people laugh right, then what’s the purpose of it all? Yeah. Yeah.

C: It’s kind of like, I love my soccer team. I want everybody love the soccer team. So in the same way, we love traveling with kids. We love traveling, and we’re glad you’re warming up to the idea.

M: Okay, so you have one more I do note on the news. Travel news. Oh, man.

C: Have you ever heard of Tavukgöğsü?

M: I haven’t, no.

C: I may be mispronouncing this and I may be way off, but it is a Turkish delight. It’s a desert, okay. And it’s similar to a traditional milk pudding, but with one twist.

Mhm. It’s got a shredded chicken in it. Okay. Oh. Now Tavukgöğsü is translated to chicken breast pudding which sounds stranger than it is. Sounds strange, it’s creamy and it has milky sweet fibrous pudding. That is people say is delicious. It just happens to be boiled with rice, milk, sugar and finely shredded chicken. Now this was a delicacy for the sultans of Istanbul back in the Ottoman era.

And so butter, you can still find it now in Turkey. Okay, so maybe not travel news, but this is like, ooh, I kind of want to try that.

M: Kind of not it just stood out to you, but it’s out there. It’s out there.

C: I just thought it was interesting. That is interesting. Have you ever tried it before? No, but we’re going to go to Turkey one day. Okay. And mark my words, people, you’ll come back with the review.

M: Yes. Let the people know about chicken pudding. I will. Chicken breast pudding. I’ll tell the world about Tavukgöğsü, that’s awesome. Yeah.

M: Well, there you have it. Okay, so now we’re going to move in to the meat of our episode today.

C: Ooh, meat, chicken, breast.

Funny Travel Stories

M: We’ve got some giggles. Okay? We’ve got some stories to everyone who sent them in. You’re the best. Thank you. And we’re going to read them here and hopefully it just brightens all of our day because these things happen to other people and not us. Right?

C: Again, we ask the people and they deliver.

M: They did. Okay.

C: Thank you so much.

Beer > Funeral

M: I’ve got one for you. Are you ready? Go for it. Okay. Our first story in all of these again, read anonymously. So we’re keeping your character and your reputation, your integrity. So it’s all concealed. We’re just going to have a good laugh at your expense. Thanks for letting us do that. Okay. The first story, my dad once missed my grandmother’s funeral because we missed the plane.

Why did he miss the plane? Take a guess.

C: Flight delay. No flight got canceled. Got it late. Uber driver? No. Why?

M: Because her dad wanted a drink. Okay. Before he got on the plane. Okay, so they went. Got a drink. They missed their flight. Yeah. And even though they were flying three days before the funeral, all flights were booked. They couldn’t get another flight. So they missed her grandmother’s funeral because her dad wanted a beer at the airport.

C: That is funny and sad.

M: it’s a little bit sad. But also, like, have you had those moments where you are running late and you’re like, I just I think I have enough time to do this one thing. But I also think it’s we’ve never missed a flight.

C: Wow. I know this feels impressive. Congratulations.

M: That’s really close. Before. Well, we’ve gotten close once to missing a train. Remember? We hopped on, like, 30 seconds before that. Things started moving. Yeah, And trains are unforgiving, right? And that was really stressful, especially the drive there, because our driver was like, What time do you leave? Where were we?

C: We were in London. Oh, yeah. And there was a riot, a strike.

M: So he had to take all these back roads and he’s getting stressed and he’s like, What time do you have to leave? And we’re like, Well, like in 3 minutes. And he’s like, We’re going to make it. So he dropped us off.

C: We ran to the train station and the conductor just said, Just get on the train. Doesn’t matter where you were. I mean, we were probably like eight cars away from our seats right? Well, we just had to get on. We just had to get on.

M: Yeah, but flight wise, we’ve got a great track record. Yeah. Way to go. US. And now we’ve learned to not get the extra drink before you get on the plane.

C: Just don’t do it. Yeah, just pay for the snack card. Pay for snacks on the plane. That’s what I do.

A Lifetime of Olives

C: Story number two, This happens in the beautiful country of Greece. Okay. All right. This was several years ago, but I was on a bus on the way to Athens in Greece. I don’t speak Greek, and I was the only tourist on this bus.

So I just got by with lots of smiles and hand motions, which is what we do all around the world. Right.

We stop for a quick break and along the side of a road there was an older guy selling olives from containers on the front of his car. If I’m in Greece and I want olives, I want it from that guy, right?

It’s authentic. Came from his farm that morning. Sure. And so the lady says, Boy, do I love some olives. And where better to buy some? There’s a sign behind him that says €3. So naturally, I pointed at the sign hold up three fingers thinking I would like to get €3 worth. I had no idea what the going rate for olives is, but €3 is cheap and I’m peckish.

Oh, no. Sounds like our kind of girl. What the vendor gives me, though, is three kilos of olives. Oh, no. Instead of trying to communicate that I didn’t want this many, I was embarrassed as is. I pay. I thank him, and I do the walk of shame back onto the bus full of Greek senior citizens staring at me with an enormous bag of olives.

But I tried to pretend that this was intentional. Just the tourist and her insatiable love of olives. Folks, nothing to see here.

M: She didn’t leave in how much she paid for them, though, because I’m sure it wasn’t just €3.

C: Yeah, but I mean, picture an old guy just giving you three like you loads of olives. You can’t just say no, no, no.

M: And then you’re walking on like, what are you going to do with. I would just start passing them out. Well, there’s a stinky. I mean, they’re delicious, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not something that you just like. Open up the jar. And then were they in a bag? There is so many things that I want to know.

C: So many questions.

M: A bag would be like kind of like when you’re carrying a goldfish, there’s no, like, proper there’s no proper way to carry it. You just kind of have to, like, be careful. Yeah, but then a jar, it’s like that so heavy and you’d have to open it and then, well, you can’t pass an olive around unless you have toothpicks in your back pocket.

C: Well, she said enormous bag of olives. Oh, my gosh.

M: The miscommunication is like, you just have to laugh at stuff like that because it’s bound to happen when you have the language barrier, the culture barrier. And I mean, now sometimes I’ll use Google Translate and literally type what I want, but I’m sure it read silly too. Yeah, but at least I kind of get the jest a little bit more than hand motions.

C: Yeah. Ooh, protip Google translate.

M: Yeah. And did you know that you can use Google Translate in like the grocery store that they have a photo feature? So like when we were in Thailand and you’re wanting to know like, what’s in your drink because it could literally be anything. You can hold the photo thing up and read the ingredients.

And I just think that’s a really great thing to have. Yeah, we’re living in the future. Yeah, of travel.

C: Five years from now, I’ll be on that electric flight. You will be by yourself. Thanks.

M: And there you go. You got the next one? I got the next one. Okay, Story number three. This one. You’re going to love it.

Bathroom Break Strike

M: Yeah. Okay. So he says, So my family, parents, me cousins are going on an Alaskan cruise next year. Oh, bucket list already? Yeah. There are three photographers in our group. Me, dad and my cousin’s husband. Okay, Dad and I have gone on Alaskan cruises before. The plan is to download any amazing pictures and videos from all of our previous trips.

And every time my cousin’s husband goes to the bathroom or gets a drink when he comes back, we’re all going to say OMG, did you see that? Can you believe we saw that? Yeah. And we’re going to say, Look, a whale just breached and then reference a picture from a previous year. The goal is to see how long he can go without leaving for the bathroom.

C: Oh my gosh. How that is so hilarious. What a great prank. That man is never getting up.

M: No, I mean, he’s going to be like, there’s no way that I’m leaving unless all of you do

C: there needs to be part two to this where he like the main piece himself.

M: Or we just need to know, like, yeah, how long did he go before he was like, This cannot be real life. Every time I get up, you see the most beautiful Alaska.

C: I would also imagine the whole day they’re like, Hey, let’s get, let’s get here. Drink, drink more, drink more. Right. Just egging him on. Yeah.

Security Line Bandits

C: All right. Next up, next step. This one’s just funny. Okay? Okay. I was flying out of SFO. Oh, San Francisco, waiting on a very long security line.

An older than middle age women, but not yet senior citizen. Okay, Remember that? Older than middle aged women, but not yet senior citizen. This this person was very specific about how old this lady was. Okay. Was asking the entire line if they could go in front because she claimed that they were about to miss their flight. I let them go ahead of me.

I got the security line with about 2 hours left before my flight and guess who was on my flight? Those Liars. It took care of it. They gave me not to call them out, trying to cut me in line.

M: Well, that is in self control, because I probably would have said something people have asked before to get in front of me and I’ve said yes, believing like she did, that they were in a rush. Yeah, but I’ve never caught anyone red handed. I will say too that there are some countries that we’ve been to that I immediately like. Actually Thailand. One of them that I immediately am a fan of your country. When we get off the plane and we get to security and they escort the families to a different line. Oh, man, it’s like that feeling.

You’re like, I belong here, right? The feeling of like, you seem from a mile away in, like, you sense compassion, right? And understanding. That’s what it feels like. Because, you know, traveling with kids as if you’re listening, you probably can relate. You’re just you get off a 12 hour flight, your kids are already at their breaking point. Or for us, they weigh like £50.

So if we land at 2 a.m., we’re not only carrying our luggage, we’re carrying our children. So to stand in a security line for 45 minutes feels like torture, right? But when you get off that plane and this man or woman comes out and they escort you, I’m like, I love it here. I’m staying here forever. You are my people.

It feels like a huge gift. Yeah.

C: Yeah. And that’s happened to us. Like it’s 5050. Yeah. So when it does work, really appreciate.

M: you know, when it never happens. I can say this, in America, on our last trip, we literally got back and Colin has a different passport. We’ve talked about that. So we always have to go into the international arrivals line as a family because we want to stay together.

But this past time there were like ten officers welcoming in American citizens and like two, people that were working with people coming to America on a different passport or a visa. And I was just like, Man, we got to do better. We got to do better, folks, come on, let’s welcome and you know what? We also have to improve our like, welcome video, you know, the one that’s playing on the TV.

It’s like it feels like it was filmed in the nineties. It is. It doesn’t look very welcoming. No. And I’m just kind of like this is this is the first impression that people have of our country. Yeah.

C: And they’re waiting in line for a really long time and they’re watching this video play that kind of just depicts us as like that’s like the montage from Sesame Street.

M: And I’m like, Who is who’s on this team? I would like to join the welcoming team for the American airports and Customs, so vote for me here. I am running for some kind of office improvement.

C: Yeah, I see Airport Improvement Committee elect Meghan Mukri.

M: I want to make it more fun and welcoming.

C: Yeah, Yeah. We should have, like, better, like snacks, refreshments. Soon as you get there, you hand him a Costco hotdog.

M: A smile.

C: I’ll take my or a Costco hotdog. Okay. Both end.

C:All right. I’m going to take the next one. Okay. You got the last one.

M: I got the last one. Man, this has been a good episode. I love to laugh.

C: I hope we do this more often. And we will. So but and this is so. Feel free. Anytime you have a funny travel story, just send it. Yeah. We don’t have to ask you. Just send it. All right. Keep it. Give us the usual for when the time is right. Right. All right. Now our story takes us to India.

M: Okay, hot take. That’s where my story is from. Did you know? I think it’s where good things happen. It’s just a good place for stories.

The Wrong Four Seasons

C: I can’t wait to go. I hope we have some stories whenever we go. Yeah. When I was in India, we were in Mumbai for a few days and my friends told me to book the Four Seasons Hotel.

So we did. When we got there, it was so late at night. It was of course the sketchiest place. We had to walk down an alleyway, take an elevator up to go into a side door to a hotel that had like four rooms. I was in a room by myself. I found blood on the sheets. There were no toilet paper and no one spoke English.

Our booking said it came with a complimentary breakfast. So the next morning we asked for breakfast and they brought back bags of food from a street vendor. Smiley face laughing emoji. When our friends were giving us directions on how to meet them for lunch, we ended up super laughs because they were giving us directions from the fancy Four Seasons Hotel.

M: And where were they?

C: So I said, Well, what was the name of the hotel you booked? Right? She said, The Four Seasons Lodge.

M: Oh no.

C: Which is genius. Oh my God. Whoever named their hotel the Four Seasons Lodge?

M: Sure. It’s not the first time someone’s made that mistake.

C: All right, Meghan, take us home.

Butter Chicken for Life

M: So this is a story from my time in India.

So many stories come from that place. It’s magical. So I’m sitting in a park by myself, and I’m sitting on a park bench kind of watching people walk around. And an older man joins me on the bench. And I’ve been proposed to a timer to really India. Yes, it’s I was proposed to once in a shop. He was showing me pictures of like his extra second and third homes in different places.

And he said this could also be yours if you join my family. And I was like, I’m good. I don’t need a bag. I was just looking for a purse. I’m out and okay, so this time I was in a park and a gentleman came and sat by me. He was much older and he’s just talking. He knew kind of broken English.

And so we’re chatting like, How is your day? You know, what are what what plans do you have for the rest of the day? And then he was just like, Well, what plans do you have? And I said, Well, I’m I’m just here for a little bit, and then I’m meeting some friends and going home. Like, actually looks like I’m about to go home right now because he was like giving me those vibes and he was just started telling me about his business and his the way that he’s like risen from nothing to something and that he has a home.

Then it gets to the point where he said, Are you married? And I said, I’m not. And he was like, Well, I’m not either. I said, Wow, wow, What a coincidence. What a coincidence. And he said, Would you be interested in marrying someone of Indian descent? And I said, I’m open to marrying someone of any descent, which was the wrong thing to say.

This is what happens to me. I’m just a little too friendly sometimes, and when I get nervous, I say the right thing, but it’s also the wrong thing. You crack the door just wasn’t enough. So then he shoots in and he was like, Well, I’m looking for a wife. You’re very beautiful. Would you like to stay here with me?

And I immediately am like, Oh, how did this happen again? And I’m like, you know, Oh, oh my God. Okay. 11 again, Not like that, but just like I set myself up for this. I said that I was open to marrying someone of any descent. He swooped in. I said, Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m not interested in that.

In this stage of my life. I’ve got a job, I’ve got things going on. It was so nice to meet you. I’m going to go. Yeah. He begins to follow me to the bus and I don’t feel unsafe because there’s so many people around. Yeah, but he’s just kind of pestering me, falling. And he said, But I could make you.

I didn’t tell you. My business is I own a butter chicken shop. And if you marry me, I will make you butter chicken forever. If that’s not a way to sway you. Yeah, but I’m already thinking about lunch right now. We’re going to make butter chicken after this. Oh, man. So obviously it didn’t work out, but I did think that that was just.

C: Wow, you could be a butter chicken queen. I could have.

M: Yeah. I mean, I. It’s great. It’s a great meal, and that could have been my life. But I just love that he led with his strength. He’s like, listen, yeah, you got to play up your strengths. This is what I’m good at. And I could give this to you forever.

C: Yeah. So anyway, man, butter, chicken. I got one question for you. Okay. Would you ever marry someone of Malaysian descent?

M: Of course. Of course. I’m open. Oh, remember?

C: I played pickleball really well, and I was really good at soccer when I was seven. Yeah, yeah, that’s good. And then puberty came, and I somehow lost all athleticism.

C: All right, folks. Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Thank you for joining us. Parents, do not forget to pack snacks. We’ll see you in the next episode. I leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Thank you. Bye.

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