How To Spend 48 Hours in Antigua, Guatemala With Kids

Want to make the most of your 48 hours in Antigua, Guatemala with kids? Find the best places to eat and places to explore to make your trip memorable! 

Welcome to the vibrant and enchanting world of Antigua Guatemala! Nestled amidst majestic volcanoes and bursting with colors, this charming city is a playground of adventure and discovery for families. If you’re looking for a place to spend an unforgettable 48 hours with your kids, look no further.

Antigua Guatemala is like a treasure trove of wonders, where cobblestone streets lead to hidden treasures, and every corner holds a delightful surprise. You will find that one of the most unique parts about Antigua is that you never know where a doorway will take you. Most shops and restaurents look unassuming from the street, but you will be surprised time and time again when you are led into courtyards filled with stunning gardens, beautiful fountains and even historical ruins.

So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy a trip of a lifetime, one you and your kids will be sure to remember for years to come!

If you are looking for more ideas of things to add to your itinerary with kids check out our guide, on what to do in Antigua with kids or if you are still planning your trip, check out our suggestions on where to stay when visiting Antigua as a family!

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Day 1:

Morning: Visit Parque Central & Santa Catalina Arch

You made it! Start your day by visiting the central plaza, known as Parque Central, or Central Park, located in the center of the city! The plaza is surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings and is the perfect place to introduce your kids to Antigua’s rich history. 

Parque Central Antigua Guatemala

From there, head to the famous Arch of Santa Catalina, one of Antigua’s most iconic landmarks. The arch is a beautiful symbol of Antigua’s colonial past and is a great spot for taking a few photos. Built in the 17th century, the arch originally served as a passageway for nuns to cross the street without being seen by the public. Today, it is a symbol of Antigua’s rich cultural heritage and a popular spot for taking photographs and enjoying the city’s scenic beauty.

Family Photo Arch of Santa Catalina in Antigua Guatemala

If you are lucky enough to be there on a clear day, you will be able to see the volcano in the distance too which makes for a pretty incredible photograph! 

Tip: If coffee and breakfast wasn’t included in your stay, right next to the Arch is the most beautiful Starbucks we have ever seen! It would be an easy stop on before or after your photos, just make sure to order Guatemalan coffee and sit in the courtyard. And don’t worry, some local coffee shop recommendations are included on the second day – we got you!

Afternoon: A tour of Convento de las Capuchinas

After strolling through the streets and local shops, once you are ready for lunch head to Restaurant Fridas, a popular restaurant right by the Arch that serves great tacos! The restaurant has a welcoming modern decor, a bar, and they serve enchiladas, tacos and have lots of vegetarian options too.

We shared the nachos and they did not disappoint.

Restaurant Fridas in Antigua Guatemala

After lunch, hail down a tuktuk and head to Convento de las Capuchinas for a tour. It is a beautiful and historic convent located on the outskirts of Antigua.

It is 40 Quetzals to enter (about $5), and you can also pay one of the guides at the entrance to take you on a tour! Guides will charge anywhere from 100-150Q ($12-$20), so haggle your way to a price you both agree on and enjoy your tour.

This convent, dating back to the 18th century, offers a glimpse into the colonial era of Guatemala. The intricate Baroque-style architecture, complete with beautiful details and carvings, makes this stop worthwhile! Exploring the convent’s courtyards, chapels, and living quarters allows you to immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere that once housed the Capuchin nuns.

The convent also offers breathtaking views of Antigua’s surrounding volcanoes and provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the city’s picturesque landscape.

Courtyard of Convento de las Capuchinas in Antigua Guatemala

Evening: Sunset at Cerro de la Cruz

End your day with a visit to the Cerro de la Cruz, a hill overlooking Antigua that offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding volcanoes. It is a short hike to the top on a paved trail, but the views are well worth the effort. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the breathtaking sunset while letting your kids run around to get some energy out! 

Cerro de la Cruz or Hill of the Cross in Antigua Guatemala

Tip: Here are two ways to get to Cerro de la Cruz. If you are not interested in the hike/walk, you can pay to take a taxi or tuk tuk up! Your other option is to walk there. From the city center, you first find 1A Avenida and follow it north to the base of the hill. Then, you will see a sign marking the start of the trail and will head left up the concrete stairs that lead you to the overlook. Its a very moderate walk up, so definitely something you could do with kids! 

Day 2:

Morning: A chocolate making class

Start your day by eating breakfast on a rooftop patio with an epic view of a volcano at Patio de la Primera. We went on a clear morning and got to see Fuego volcano blowing smoke every 5-10 minutes and it kept us all entertained! There is a variety of options on the menu from local dishes, to croissants and omelets and the atmosphere is simply stunning. 

Patio de la Primera Restaurant in Antigua Guatemala

Then head to the ChocoMuseo, a chocolate museum that offers workshops and tastings for kids and adults alike. Your kids will love learning about the history of chocolate and making their own chocolate bars complete with toppings like sprinkles and marshmallows!

The completed bars are yours to take home and included in the price of your class, which is a fun treat!

Book your tour ChocoMuseo tour, here!

Chocolate making class in Antigua Guatemala ChocoMuseo

Afternoon: Guatemalan tradition cuisine

For lunch, head to La Fonda de la Calle Real, a traditional Guatemalan restaurant located in the heart of Antigua. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but they serve delicious, authentic Guatemalan cuisine like Pepian and Chilies Rellenos so it’s a great addition to your itinerary.

Local Guatemalan Cuisine Antigua Guatemala

After lunch, step into one of the many coffee shops throughout the city and enjoy some local coffee. A few of our favorite local coffee shops are Café Estudio & La Vid

Evening: Shop at the Antigua Market

End your day with a visit to the Mercado de Artesanías, a colorful, busy market that sells traditional Guatemalan handicrafts. It is a great place to pick up souvenirs and gifts for family and friends back home, or to let your kids pick out an item to remember your time in Antigua by! They have everything from bags, to small toys to wooden masks. 

Kids shopping at Antigua Market in Antigua Guatemala

Tip: A quick note to beware that the market is often busy with tourists and shop owners are ready to sell (& haggle!) so it can feel a little chaotic in there, but worth it to grab a few beautiful Guatemalan souvenirs to bring home. 

Man, I am already wishing I could come WITH you! Antigua, Guatemala is a wonderful destination for families who want an adventurous vacation in a one of a kind place. With its beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking views, there is something for everyone in this charming colonial town of Antigua. 

Let me know if you have any more questions below, I am happy to help! 


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