The Best Tourist Safety Tips for Antigua, Guatemala (with kids)

Are you bringing your kids to Antigua, Guatemala but have safety concerns? Find out more about how what Antigua is actually like! 

Antigua Guatemala is a charming colonial city that attracts thousands of visitors each year. However, many families may wonder if it is safe to vacation there with kids. In this blog post, we’ll explore the safety situation in Antigua Guatemala and provide some helpful tips to ensure you avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations and get to enjoy some of the beautiful things to experience there. 

Family Vacation in Antigua Guatemala

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Is it safe? 

In short, yes. Antigua Guatemala is considered a safe place to visit with kids. The city has a low crime rate and most reported crimes (though still rare) are pickpocketers or bag snatching. So just like any city you are planning to visit, both international or domestic, you should always exercise caution and take basic safety precautions when exploring. 

There are however more reported crime in the Capital of Guatemala City. The area is known for theft and since there isn’t much to see tourism wise, we’d recommend skipping it! Just plan your transportation to Antigua upon arrival.

Family Photo by ruins in Antigua, Guatemala

Tourist Safety Tips 

Here are some tourist safety tips to keep in mind when traveling to any new destination. 

1. First, and most importantly, only carry around your essentials during your daily activities. Most hotels or airbnbs will have a small safe in your room where you can store things so we’d recommend taking advantage of that and leaving important travel documents or excess cash in the safe. 

2. When out and about, we would suggest to use some version of a sling or fanny pack to carry your money and phones in front of you. Backpacks or back pockets in pants are typically an easier target for someone to snatch something. 

3. Also only let children carry bags with snacks and/or water. Make sure anything of value is kept with you! 

4. Finally, do some research on what part of town to stay in. During your first time in any city, typically staying somewhere central is your best bet but researching the area will give you more people of mind. Also try to avoid wandering the streets at a late hour, this is not really an issue with kids thanks to early bedtimes!

Kids shopping in Antigua, Guatemala

Is there a chance the volcanos will erupt? 

With volcanoes being a major tourist attraction in Antigua, you may worry if they pose any threat to your or your family during your time in Guatemala. 

And the answer most likely, no. The Guatemalan government and local authorities have measures in place to ensure the safety of visitors in case of natural disasters and if something were to escalate you would be made aware (and it would make national news). If you are worried a good idea would be to check local weather and seismic activity before traveling and to follow any official warnings or advisories that are in place. 

With that being said, Antigua, Guatemala is a safe place to vacation with kids. Our experience there was nothing short of welcoming and warm. You are sure to have a wonderful and worry-free vacation in this beautiful city.

Have any more questions about safety or Antigua in general? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to help! 


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